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About four months ago I was called by a collection agency only to find that my SS# did not match the SS# of the debtor and was not bothered by this agency again. Now, four mon.s later I've received a "PayNow" letter from yet a another collection agency concerning the SAME acc. My plan is to answer this letter, and any future mailings concerning this acc., with a Notarized letter stating the last 4 digits of my SS#. My question is will this be enough to continually stare these peope to the right person, or alteast, away from me (the wrong person of the same name).

it should,but with JDB'S you never know.they are driven by one thing.GREED,with a capital G.stories abound on so many topics
telling of the same might want to send a C&D letter
each time a CA or JDB communicate.eventually they'll get the hint.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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It wont keep anyone away from you. Every time the debt is sold, it will happen all over again. Dont waste time or money on them. Call them and tell them to bug off.

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