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Has any one heard of these guys, I got a letter today in the mail from them for a debt that was discharged in a BK.. telling me that they had purchased the debt, demanding that I not contact the former client named..I will be sending them a C&D next week via fax and CMRRR - not sure if the address is valid - it is out of Canada.. and the number listed when I dialed it comes up 1800 Dentist..

Simply send them your BK info and tell them to get lost. It is probably not their fault....the blame would be on the creditor who sold it to them.

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Oh I agree -- this is like the 10th in the last 2 years, one calls me I tell them to piss off and they sell to someone else... It is their fault how ever that they are giving false info on their letter.. I am pretty sure they are not affiliated with 1800 dentist.. I am going to attempt to send them a C&D with a copy of the BK discharge..

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I too got the same letter from 4Star they also called. Refused to even give me company name, address or their name on the phone. I explained I was a victium of identiy theft and they told me I'd have to pay anyway as the debt was in my name.

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