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Hi Everyone,

My mother rcvd a a msg on her phone from phone number 203-610-6492 stating that I was being served with a summons and that fraud has been put against my name and ss number. The odd thing is that when they called her they used my divorced name from 5 yrs ago which I no longer go by as of 5 yrs ago. She in return called the number back and they gave the name GMA. I have done a search by the telephone number and name and nothing is coming up except the number is located in CT.

If anyone can please give me the 411 on this person or company so that I can report them.


i googled that number and they are a scumass scammer.have your mom report this shitpile to the police as the call broke the law.they need illegal scare tactics to get money as that is what scams do.btw the fact that they did't have correct info is and always should be a major red flag!report and ignore future calls.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Is there a way that I can come up with their actual name so that we can report them?

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The problem with scammers like these people is that they are devious and know enough to hide under fake names, numbers. Even though they are using a phone number in CT, they could very easily be out of the country, due to call forwarding. Ways to tell if this is true? Do the callers all speak with foreign accents and give fake American names? (Someone with an Indian accent saying "I'm Mike".) Do they call either before 8 am or really late at night? Any outfit based over here would at least have knowledge of the law. This will only make it harder to track, but it can be done.

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kscornell kscornell
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