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nrs collection agency took money out my account w/out permis

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closed my account and got a new one because i had problems with pay day loans. i received a call from tony at 888-622-0222 stating he represented a payday loan company that i needed to pay. would not give me information on who pay day was with. today on my new account nrs (national recovery systems) took 252.00 without my permission. i do not know how they got my new account. called them and tehy stated tehy have ways to find out things to get you to pay your bills? is this legal for tehm to dao this? what can i do to get this money back?

Dispute this with your bank immediately. Tell them it was an unauthorized transaction. I would also tell them the account is no compromised and proceed to close it and fully block from all ACH withdraw. The bank will refund the money but they will also do an investigation. If they determine the charge was legit then they will allow it to pass again but that should not happen. Oh and don't sign up for any more payday loans. If you signed up for a new one then that is how they got your new account.

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I'm looking at two key points here.

1. You owed a payday loan company, not the collection agency.
2. You did not give consent to the collection agency or the PDL to withdraw funds from that account.

Now as to the great question of how they obtained your bank account information. That's a good one, better yet, what would give them the right to that information?

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One way as to how they might have gotten your bank information; if you do online banking, they can install a trojan on your computer called "keystrokes" that monitors all the information that you type into your computer. I had this happen to me even though I had McAfee. I had to quarantine the trojan because it could no be deleted.

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If they obtained it via a virus then that would bring down some serious trouble on them. You could probably report that at IC3.

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Just to let you know guest, attacking someone on here, especially a forum mod is a great way to get yourself banned. If you want to speak your mind on a mature level without attacking anyone feel free to do so. Calling me or anyone else names will not be tolerated.

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everyone knows that when you do a payday loan they have you write them a post dated check. that is how they got your bank information the first time. They require that you have a bank account and require you to share that info in the first place. at the time you need the money and don't even think about what will happen later.

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