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Can an original creditor resell a paid account? Have PO Lett

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Paid off large sum of money to a utility company who never shut off utilities as requested when I moved. 6 months later in another state I see a 1300 entry on my 3 cb reports. I paid the stupid thing after trying to dispute it as fraudulent. Now they have sold the stupid thing to another company. Good news is the AG in Pa. has taken on this case. My ? is can anyone recollect this debt with the PAID IN FULL letter in my possession? Have sent the 30 day validation notice to the new collection agency containing the copy of PIF letter. They have 5 days to validate this debt. If they don't validate it what do I do next?

They have no time limit to validate (unless you are in TX) so I'm not sure where you got the 5 days from. Is it reported as paid on the OC's tradeline on your reports?

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