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Receiving collection calls for an old debt

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Receiving collection calls from an unknown number. What should be my first step? A lady is calling every day for an old debt. It is a for a credit card that mom used 8 years back.

Check the SOL period of the debt first in your state since 8 years is a long time. If the SOL period has expired, then there is no need to acknowledge the debt. The debt should not be in your mom's credit report also since 7 years have passed. Who is this lady by vthe way? What is the name of the debt collection agency.

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 23:21

David Martin David Martin

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Check out the whether the debt is valid and check out the SOL period. Do not start paying any cent before you're sure. Doing so, it may start the SOL all over again.

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 08/07/2020 - 08:04

Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Hey vextra! Have you checked the statute of limitations (SOL) in your state? If the debt has crossed the SOL, you aren't bound to pay off that debt! If the debt hasn't crossed the SOL, ask for a debt validation letter first. If the debt is genuine, the collectors will send you a debt validation letter asap! But make sure not to pay off anything till the time you receive the debt validation letter.

Sub: #3 posted on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 21:40

Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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