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I got a call from a Brenda Mitchell (919-348-2850) whom left a message stating her name, that she is with Nashville Credit Systems, and that she is bound by law to state that this is an attempt to collect a debt and that I need to call her back immediately at 404-592-0233 to settle this debt.
First of all, I don't have any debt besides college (which is in deferment) and my car payment (which is paid two months ahead) so there is no way that this call was for me. She also did not state a name for whom she was collecting this debt for. She also called my boyfriend, who's work cell should have no connection to me, and informed him that I needed to call her back at 404-592-0233 and just told him that it was a business matter. She called him from the 919-348-2850 as well. I have seen numerous people posting about a Mr. Williams answering the 404 number and not wanting to communicate through mail and that they only accept credit cards or western union. If they call back I will has for written proof of this debt. Thank you all for posting on these people so that I don't have to waste my time calling these people back.

first you can't ask for proof,or validation over the demand something in writing like a basic letter of are right in not calling them.btw they are a complete botoomfeeding piece of slime.i would use the name of said bottomfeeder,and those numbers,and file AG,AND FTC complaints against not call back as they won't send a thing and will only call and ignore.i would have your BF file a police report as the call broke the law.

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