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question for those of you that have been sued..

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I see many of you posting that you've received a summons/been sued. So here's my question:

The people that are sueing you--was the summons the first time you had heard from them? I mean, your orginal account charges off, is sent to a collection agency/lawyer. Did the colleciton agency/lawyer contact your first to try to work something out or was the summons the first you heard from them? I hope this makes sense. Reny

Reny, you make sense. For me, I did not have any communication with anyone. When I first signed with you the law firm to do my settlements they stopped all the calls and mail went to them. I did not know anything was going on. In 4 months, I was sued. It was a jaw dropping, shocking, and stressfull moment in my entire life. When I called the law firm they kept pushing bankruptcy. Many thoughts flooded my mind and in a moment of confusion I remember speaking with Teresa she was at another settlement company that I chose not to go with. Can it be there are people out there that just really want to help? My answer is ABSOLUTELY she never expected me to sign up for her services always polite and well-informed she gave the direction I needed to go without having to file bankruptcy. hope this helps.

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melben1 melben1

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Thanks Melben1, anyone else want to chime in on this question?

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A few years ago when we were going thru our financial crisis, we were hounded by several CA's in regards to my wifes Dillards account. At that time, the account was still owned by the OC. When they sold it to LVNV, our first communication was a knock on the door by a sherriff with a summons.

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I had a Sam's Club account that was settled with a CA for which I got a letter stating it was settled and I did not have to pay one the remaining balance. About two months late LVNV tried to harass me with the remaining balance, they were threatening a lawsuit if I did not produce the letter from the previous CA. I contacted the previous CA and they handled the matter with LVNV. I have not heard from them since.

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bdouble bdouble

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