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please help! i live in Texas and i have 7 payday loans. i am being harassed by one placed w/a collections agency. i have pd the amt i borrowed 3 times over by paying the fees because i could not pay off the balance 9 i received $200. the fee was $60). i do not want to pay this balance since i have been paying up to now. i had to close my bank acct because i did not have the $ to keep paying them and live also. i am not a lowlife, and i have tried to reason with this one. what can i do?

bl, Welcome. We are here to help you. Many of us have been in your situation and we have worked our way out of it. There are no judegements here and we are all in this together. Please tell us if they are store front or internet, the names of the companies, how much you have borrowed from each and the total of how much you have paid to each. Once you give us this information, we can guide you in the right direction.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Live in Texas and all of mine have been internet loans.. please give me assistance on where to start. I have closed my account out and have moved my direct deposit to another bank that i have accounts with...I am scared, but really need my life what letters do i need to start sending to the pdl persons and my hr people. i have sent out an email to my co-workers that we may receive phone calls...and to my relatives that i used as references...thanks to all with your help....soon...oh, my next debit date is the i am good with getting my account frozen..

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purple, your bank account is closed totally, right? So the pdls can't hit it on the 29th? You have no storefronts, correct? You did good by closing the account. That's the first step. The next step is to send all your pdls a letter revoking everything under the sun. Who are your pdls? We can tell which ones you might need to do an "extra" letter for revoking a wage assignment. It's covered in the main letter; however, I like to do a separate one for them so there is NO misunderstanding! Just post. If you need a sample letter to go by, we can get that for you.

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cannr cannr

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If you're being harassed by the lender of debt collector, find help in Texas. Start at or

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My bank did tell me they have frozen my account that nothing will go through on the 29th. I also have a lawyer who is a friend of mine that we are meeting with on Friday as well. But I figure I want to send out something to all of my PDL's before hand so they won't start hounding me by phone on Monday. Here is all of my pdl's.....don't make fun of me......
Cash Transfer Center
Eastside Lenders
MTE (Quickest cash advance)
Cash Supply
Net Cash
ACH Loan
Think Cash
Cash Advance Network
WWC - World Wide Cash

It means the world to me that there are people wanting to help......thanks for any advise...just need to know if i should inform them all that i have to close my account and tell them only to contact me by email or mail. I will need a sample letter...also, should i just fax them the info?

thanks to all.........

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Yes, all internet loans.....

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purple, I responded on your other post. Let me see if I can find it. And, no one is going to make fun of you. Please! Why do you think we are all here? We were/are all in the same situation. You are not alone. Always remember that. And we are here to help you out of this mess. I've addressed your questions on the other post, so let me find it for you. Hang on.

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cannr cannr

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Here is what I posted on the other post you had:

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cannr cannr

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I have registered so you can pm and what not...guess i did it right...I just need a sample letter as you described above to i can get that out today. Also wanted to know if its okay to put my lawyers name and phone on it as well...I am gathering the information you have requested as well; borrowed amount and amounts i have paid in.

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purplegirl69 purplegirl69

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A couple of the companies you are dealing with are CSO's in Texas - This means that they are legal. Cash Net USA is a CSO, and there is a Cash Supply that I've seen registered, but I don't know that it's the same Cash Supply.

Also, Think Cash is an installment loan - It's backed by a bank and is also legal.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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