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I payed off a debt through oxford management and instead of paying the original creditor they kept my money and sold my debt to another company. No I am being garnished by a third company. Unfortunately I cant find any way to prove that I settled the debt with Oxford. Any suggestions??

Do you have a letter from this company saying what you owe and how much? Also did you pay be check, MO, debit/credit card? If you made more then one payment to them, you should be able to check the receipts for the MO's, if that is what you used, or look through your bank account to see that the checks cleared and how much they each were for or if you paid by debit/credit card, again, you should be able to find out what you paid. Did you do a settlement? Sometimes if you do a settlement, unless you are told that you account will be marked paid in full (and in writing), I have heard that sometimes CA's will sell the balance to another company to collect. Just dig a little bit and see what you can find to prove you paid them in full. Good luck

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2nband 2nband
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Did you pay off the debt in full or settled? If you settled your debts, then should have got a written document stating that you’ve “paid in full” instead of “settled.” In most of the cases, the remaining balance is to a third party for collection. Did the agency contact you and showed the court orders for wage garnishment before garnishing your wage? The collection agency will continue garnishing unless you provide evidence that you have paid in full.

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