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Collections question and getting it to be deleted

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I have a collection from AT&T. I am trying to pay if off with the original creditor (as they did not actually sell the debt). But they will not ensure me that the collection will drop off or be deleted. They said they would be pulling the account from collection so that I could pay them. Which sounded to me like it meant that it would not be showing up anymore as a collection if they were pulling it. However, they said not necessarily and that it is up to the collector what they do- that it might come off or it might just be reported as paid in full. I need this to be completely taken off if I pay it. I don't understand! If this is someone they hired to collect and now we are resolving it between us, then why would they NOT be able to tell this collector to remove it? Any suggestions on what else I can do? OR do you think I should take my chance? Do I have a pretty good chance of it coming off completely once they pull it back?

Thank you for all your advice.

You're stuck and that too badly. The account has been assigned to collection agency and now it's up to them as to how they want to report your debt on your credit report. The account listing may be removed from your credit report. Then again, the account may be reported as 'paid in full' after you have paid it off. The debt won't be completely taken off from your credit report. Only the account status will be updated.

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David Martin David Martin

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At first, ask to validate the debt. Once they validate, request for the settlement. Try to pay the lump sum to settle your debts. After that, you can negotiate to update the account as "paid in full" instead of "paid as settle". Request them to do so.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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It is now up to the collection agency. The account may be stated as 'paid in full' after you have paid it off. But the debt will remain in your credit report, just the account status will be updated.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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