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They keep reselling a debt I paid off long ago

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Hi! A year ago I was contacted by an attorney's office saying they are trying to collect a debt from me, original creditor being Maryland National Bank (MBNA). This was a credit card balance I had paid off long ago and I had never even been late with the payments. In fact, on my 3 credit reports, one says the account is in good standing, one says I owe them $10 but it has not gone to collections, and only Experian says that I owe them thousands of $$, which is what they claim. I answered with a c&d letter and never heard from them again. In April 08 I received an identical letter from another lawyer's office, I did the same, never heard from them. Two days ago I received a similar letter from Penta Group and I am wondering how long will this be going on? I keep asking for validation but they never provide it, they just sell the alleged "debt". What can I do? In the meantime it is affecting my credit report. I cannot even invoke the SOL because I don't know in which state they claim I had the debt! How can I get them to send me validation? And how can I prove I paid it off? I don't keep statements from 2002 for all my credit cards (I will from now on, though!) Thank you for any help!

They probably keep selling it because they can't validate it. Have you tried doing a dispute with the Experian?

Also, I'm not an expert, but I think that the SOL goes by what state you now live in. Hopefully, someone else can verify that?

What state do you live in?

Also, have you tried going back to MBNA and requesting statement copies?

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Dispute MBNA's Tradeline on all 3 reports. If MBNA verifies, then request an investigation directly with MBNA per section 623 of the FCRA.

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