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Pinnacle collections - is this a collection agency?

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I need to check on this company. I have been hospitalized for a smashed tibia and fibula. Things have been crazy and one of my bills made it to this collection agency. I told them I could start paying them in three weeks. Then I had a woman call me and tell me I didn't take make this agreement. I then thought it was a different company and new I couldn't make another payment of the same size and told her I could pay a smaller amount. Then she told me I had already made an agreement of the original amount. I then realized she was lying to me. They also want the routing number for my checking account with my agreement so they can put it through on that date. Well I don't trust them. Should I??

I get calls from Pinnacle about 5 times a day. That is even after sending them a cease & desist letter via certified mail. They are harassing me over a supposed $400 debt. I guess Pinnacle forgot the fdcpa which clearly states you are not allowed to use the phone to continuously call and harass people. The number they are calling from is 1-800-392-3012 but 3 weeks prior to this they were using different numbers to call. Mostly they were from 612 and the 651 area codes. Pinnacle is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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Get this, I have it logged via computer. Tonight these guys called me 34 times between 7 and 8 pm. Can someone tell me what legal action i can take.
And mister pay your bills, this is an insurance thing, they need to get the money from the insurance company that was supposed to cover this.

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most people are unaware that their state's statute-of-limitations for debt is somewhere between 3 and 7 years.

if you are past the statue-of-limitation you CANNOT BE MADE TO PAY THE DEBT!

however, pinnacle loves to acquire any 'old'-debt, especially those which are known by ALL insiders to be WELL PAST such legal limitations and chases and harasses their victims into making a payment. once you pay... the courts will see this as reaffirming the debt! DON'T PAY THE PORKers!

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If you have any beef with Pinnacle, perhaps you should write and express yourself directly to the PRESIDENT:
Donald E Garcia
531D E Gabrielle Lane
Orange, CA 92867

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More info... those harassed by Pinnacle Financial Group may not be content having an lost-cause debate with one of the many low-level individuals from Pinnacle's four call-centers. But then... why speak to rank-and-file when you can take your case straight to the top: that's right... straight to the President: Donald E Garcia.

Okay, if he dodges you at the address above, you can always try to contact him at one of his other hangouts: the American Cancer Society (as chairman of the fundraising and sponsorship committee), the YMCA (member of the Executive Board of Directors of the YMCA of Orange County), or as a representative of "Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars"(see wilsoncenter). However, do try to be discrete... I doubt any of the above would be happy about the day-to-day harassing collection practices of Mr. Garcia's Pinnacle agency. Also, if by chance you reach a female sounding voice when calling Mr. Garcia on the phone at home in Orange County, CA, it will probably be his wife Barbara L. Garcia and is not the Donald, himself.

Donald E. Garcia
(From SourceWatch)
Donald Garcia "is chief executive officer and president of Pinnacle Financial Group. Prior to this, Mr. Garcia was president of the National Association of Professional Insurance and Financial Advisors of Orange County and president of the Walnut Valley Chamber of Commerce. He was co-chairman of the National Latino Coalition, Por Mi Futuro in Washington, D.C. and a member of the Executive Board of the Alliance of Central County. Mr. Garcia is currently a member of the Executive Board of Directors of the YMCA of Orange County and was chairman of the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee, American Cancer Society." [1]

He is a trustee of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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pinnacle financial groups number is public record.We are one of the few reputable agencys. We do not hide our num is 8005136852 the client you calling about might be a different num but you can be tranfered from here. For the record major companies use a router number and thaey have many, due to the massive amount of line coming out..Although if you were called with the dialer the company supplies you with the caller id, that how you know the difference from a manual call and a dialer call plus a dialer call will have a lag from pick up to answer. I am an employee and I hope you all will figure your stuff out.


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if you have a business matter with pinnacle, call me at 8005136852 6002 i will try to help you.

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I am currently having issues with Pinnacle as they are calling my grandparents and harassing them calling them liars when they tell say that I am not home.

I know I owe money to TMobile...I couldn't pay the bill because the money had to go to the mortgage to help my grandparents so that we have a roof over our head.

I am currently out of work after being laid off from my job and waiting for unemployment to go through which still won't be for another 2 weeks til I know more...I had told one girl this and she very rudely told me "Well you were working for the past 2 months so why couldn't you pay then?" Unfortunately I live with my grandparents and had to put the money to something more important than a cell phone.

Today a lady called and bitched me out saying that they don't care if I am unemployed that they will still call me everyday til they get paid and it will still be going through the collection process. I told her snappy that they keep calling me and they will still get the same answer.

I've dealt with collections before and got them paid off. But even Asset Acceptance was never this abusive.

I've read the rest of this thread and I will send them a certified letter to ceased calling my home (to let them call my cell for all I care) but what else can I do to get them off my back until I am working again?

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Disillusioned Disillusioned

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My sister recently died. and you can imagine my surprise when i get a phone call from a company requesting her. I ask who was calling they told me pennacle group. and when i inquired as to the nature of the call she was very evasive. and she cursed me out and hung up on me. so the detective in me wanted to know what was up. if there was a debt i wanted it cleared off of her estate. I looked up their number on the internet. found it. still no answer as to what the call is about. so basically i placed them on call blocking. so NO MORE CALLS FROM YOU ARSES.

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shaunatate shaunatate

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I too received phone calls from this company. They are looking for someone who does not live at this number. I told them they had the wrong number and they continue to call all ours of the day and night. THIS IS HARASSMENT. They should be shut down for all the above remarks about calling people at work and false accusations. To you concerned citizen "holier than thou", some people have problems that cannot be helped such as unforeseen health problems, accidents, rising costs of living such as the increase in electric and gas rates. Have a heart and give people a break. Maybe they are using computers at a library etc.

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