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Pinnacle collections - is this a collection agency?

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I need to check on this company. I have been hospitalized for a smashed tibia and fibula. Things have been crazy and one of my bills made it to this collection agency. I told them I could start paying them in three weeks. Then I had a woman call me and tell me I didn't take make this agreement. I then thought it was a different company and new I couldn't make another payment of the same size and told her I could pay a smaller amount. Then she told me I had already made an agreement of the original amount. I then realized she was lying to me. They also want the routing number for my checking account with my agreement so they can put it through on that date. Well I don't trust them. Should I??

I recently lost my job. That's y I had to shut the tmobile phone off. now they keep calling requesting I pay them or they'll keep calling me. The only lady actually suggested that I "service" someone to get money.. Well I moved out of my room-mates apt and back into my moms to try and get things straightened out. They keep callin my old number. I gave them my new address and everything.

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Try calling the FCC near you and complain about Pinnacle using a telephone to break the law, i.e., the fdcpa. Other things to do are to call the Minnesota AG, and the AG in your own state. There are various ways to legally ruin people like these.Keep an excellent record of when they call you, and any other information that describes the events of the call. Be sure to write down the time and date of each call. Write down a name of anyone at Pinnacle , or make a note of them refusing to give out their name. If you can, record the call, if it is legal to do so in your state. You can call an attorney that specializes in violations of FDCPA. If the attorney successfully sues, you get $1,000 from the collector, and from the the party who claims you owe them money. He/she will need good records of all the calls you received and the events of that call, especially unlawful one. Good luck to all.

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They call me at all hours so i go to a pay phone an call them an play taperecorded messages. You know, the nasty stuff off of movies, i got cartman saying how would u like to su*k my b**ls an i leave it their answering machine

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I am also being harrassed by this collection agency, infact I have told them repetedly to stop calling, as they are calling my cell phone and running up minutes being ridiculous. They have accused me of lying and being the girl they are looking for, have asked for me to put her on the phone...on so on! They assured me that they would take my number off their call list, when in fact they havent! I think there should be a law agaist this kind of harrassment! I have offered to prove that I am not the person they are looking for more then once--but they still call! What do I do?

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There is a law against it.They are violating the fdcpa with those calls. Send a cease and desist letter to them telling them they have wrong person and to cease all communication with you. Send it certified return receipt. The address I listed below is what I could pull up on It may be correct or not:

Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc
7825 Washington Ave S Ste 310
Minneapolis, MN 55439-2409
Telephone: (952) 996-0559
Fax: (952) 996-0655

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1. To Pinnacle, I agree people should pay their bills and asking them to do so isnt out of the ordinary or wrong. It is they way in which it is done. More people respond to fair minded, calm representatives that know their business and can speak with intelligence.
2. To people angry with companies like this. One day I finally got sick of the calls and constant badgering and I put myself on a budget and drew a line on the paper when I ran out of money. Anyone below the line didnt get paid. Simplicity is knowing what comes first. The essentials are home, food some type of family insurance plan for emergencies and the emergency fund itself. Iam not perfect but these few things I have done and am now on my way to paying off over $70k in debt. At the current rate I will be debt free in about 2 years and I only make $38k/year. Slash and burn what you dont need keep your focus and when the phone rings....DONT ANSWER!!!

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Yes Cajun that is the right address.. they sent me a letter in the mail with it on it.. And its not the fact that I dont want to pay my bills its just the fact that there are more important things to pay.. I am currently living with my mother.. Whatever money I do get form little odd jobs I give her to help with food, rent, etc...

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Maybe this will give you a little satisfaction: I recently acquired a new phone number for a fax machine. There are calls to the number night and day. I traced the number and it belongs to pinnacle. It seems someone changed their phone number, probably to avoid pinnacle's harassment and I got it. Well.. I don't care how many times they call, all they are getting is beeping! I am not changing the number although that would be a simple solution but someone else would get the number eventually and they too would be harassed. Maybe this will make you feel a little better, when they call my fax they aren't bothering you or me!!!

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I forgot to mention in my previous message that I have answered the phone when pinnacle called and informed them that I am not the person they are looking for. They chose not to believe me and continue calling. Fortunately for me the line is used for the fax machine.
I have been blessed in my life and have always had work and have never had any credit issues Praise the Lord! I don't think it is right to try not to pay our debts but pinnacle's methods seem a little harsh. Sometimes huge debts are incurred through medical expenses people can't avoid.

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When a debt collector calls, tell them you do not do business over the phone, request them to send you something in writing. If you do not receive anything in the mail within the alloted time, they are in violation of [15 USC 1692g]Section 809(a) for failure to comply with the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act(fdcpa). And/If/Or you do receive something in the mail, under section 809(b), you have 30 days to respond in writing to dispute the alleged debt. This can be done by sending (certified mail-with return request) a 'dispute letter', along with a Debt Collection Disclosure Statement. If you are harassed after they have received the dispute letter, they are then in violation and could possibly be sued. Some may want to look into what a promissory note actually is! I have read that it is 'our' signatures that create the 'credit', not the 'debt'. A good website to visit on these matters is the 'suijuris' forums, there is some great information there.

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