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It's been about 3-4 months since this CA posted a $3134 debt of a credit card that i already settled w/ National Recovery CA for $1800. The account was settled on dec 06. This new CA account appeared Feb 08. I sent my settlement letter to them and they said they will delete the wrong info from my credit report. I've also sent the letter to the Big 3's and opened an dispute. I've got the results and they all came back as I still owe the money. I don't know what else to do. The account was settled years ago and now a new collection agency says I still owe money even if i showed them the settlement letter which says "Account successfully settled/paid in full. Account closed" HELP!!!!

Why don't you try sending a copy of the PIF letter to the Credit reporting agencies as PROOF that account was indeed settled. I don't see how they could possibly keep the wrong info on your report if they receive proof possitive, and if they do, they are in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act!

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Shazzers Shazzers
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If sending the PIF letter doesn't work try sending a validation letter to the CA then waiting 30 days before filing another dispute with the consumer reporting agencies. If they verify it again and the CA doesn't validate you can request the CRBs method of validation. This sets you up for a major case against the CA and possibly the CRBs

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I talked w/ the supervisor and I was able to email him the settlement letter as we spoke on the phone. He got it and updated the account. He said it will be deleted from my reports. I guess i have to wait 30 day and get a copy of my credit reports to see if it was updated. Thanks for helping. Another question, i'm ready to send dispute letters for a couple other accounts to the Big 3's and also to some companies who inquiried my report (i didn't authorize them) Should i sign the letters? i heard some companies might fake signatures.

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I would not sign them, just type your name at the bottom. Faking a sig is a trivial matter, takes less than 5 minutes. I don't like them having the opportunity.

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Just sent all my letter. Not sign, only typed name. Thanks for all you guys help. In two months my credit reports have gone up +20. Made disputes on some info and they were deleted. NOW....i'm getting ready to send some GOODWILL letters, but i'm not sure who i should made it to. I mean do i put "To Whom It May Concern," or try to find the CEO's name and write "Dear CEO Name"???????

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I would type to whom it may concern on it. :wink:

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Once i send the goodwill letters, how long do i have to wait for a response? or do i just have to check my credit reports in 30 days?

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They responded to me fairly quickly, but it's hard to say exactly how long it will actually take. I would still check my credit report in 30 days though. :)

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I just called one of my charge-off credit cards (original creditor) and i asked her if b/s a little story and the lady told me they can't do anything or change anything. She said that the account was not theirs (HSBC), but was sold to a collection agency and i should try to send the CA a letter to get anything change. Is that true? Should i send the goodwill letter to the collection agencies??? or the Original Creditor??? Sorry for all the questions. I really appreciate deeply for all ur help guys!!!!!

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Settled in Full is not Paid in full. Did you stipulate in your agreement that the CA not sell the balance owed on the account?

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