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I'm almost out of debt! ....except for student loans. I have a couple of REALLY old way past the SOL accounts. They are both with Portfolio Recovery. I have recently received letters in the mail from them and both stated that due to the age of the debt they will not sue me. I get a call once in a while from them but, they do not leave messages. Should I send them a C&D letter? Would that prevent them from sending letters as well as calls (to me or anyone else)? Also, could someone please direct me to the proper format for such a letter that would not restart the SOL? Although I could throw some money their way, it would be better for me to use that additional money to pay down the student loans. Thank you for any help!

You can check the sample letter in this site. Read https://co

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You can send them the COD since your debts have crossed the SOL period. But is this debt appearing on your credit report?

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