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Today, I received the letter from PRA saying that I owed them $4,298.93. Honestly, I don't remember if I really made this purchase. In the middle of this letter said that The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt and how long a debt can appear on your credit report. Due to the age of this debt, we will not sue you for it or report payment or non-payment of it to a credit bureau. Depending on the laws of your state, certain actions, such as making a payment or promising to pay the debt, may restart the time period for the filing of a lawsuit againt you; but even if that were the case, we still will not sue you on this debt. So based on this informations. What would you recommend for my next step ? Please let me know. Thank you so much for your valuable time.

They have said everything in the letter. Isn't it? They won't report it to the credit bureau. They won't sue you. They are aware of the Statute of Limitations period. So why should you bother? They have also stated that the SOL clock will restart if you acknowledge the debt. So ignore it.

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David Martin David Martin

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Don't recognize the debt. Don't talk about the debt over the phone as well. If you recognize it over the phone or letter, the SOL clock will restart again. They are trying to make you fool by sending this type of letter. They can't take any step against you since the SOL is over.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Thank you gusy. I found out that the debt was actually from 15 years ago so I couldn't remember it. I also thought about not doing anything at this point but starting from few days ago. I'm receving many calls from PRA which I didn't even bother to answer them. So should I send the SOL Expirty Letter ? I'm very sure that now they are gonna call me everyday.

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What are they (PRA) saying?

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Yes. They are gonna call you everyday. So you should send the SOL Expiry letter. Do you need a sample SOL expiry letter? I can share it with you or you can download it from this community. Make sure you send it via certified mail. Do you have the mailing address of PRA?

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Send the SOL expiry letter as soon as possible. Do you have any certified email address? If they call you again, ask their address.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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