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Pre-writen Debt Validation Letters????????

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I was reading on another post about the pre-writen DV letters and dispute letters. According to the "Credit bible secrets" CA don't take a person serious when they send a pre-writen letter that they got online. They recommend to keep the letters original and to write them yourself. What do CA do if they don't take you serious? Is your DV letter still 100% valid even if you got it pre-written from a website? I previously sent letters to some of my creditors and I didn't get a response. Was it because it was a pre-written letter that I got online?

I don't think that it should matter if it's pre-writen by someone else. Maybe some of us just don't have the knowledge that other people have when it comes to dealing with CA, and when you write a letter, the way you say things is very important. When you do it yourself you might say something wrong and you end up getting screwed.

You lawyers out there please advise. Does it matter if it's pre-writen or not?

I'm not a lawyer, but as long as your letter has all of the necessary points in it, it shouldn't matter. It is still valid and legal.

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alias1958 alias1958

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Thats good because it should not matter who writes it as long as you aknowledge it.

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IALVARADO, not sure what is meant by that either.

A DV letter is a DV letter. Whether the CA gets a chuckle out of it or not or if they totally ignore it is up to them, but they are required by law to honor it. It doesn't matter if it is one someone copied off the Internet or they draft a new one each time they send one out to a CA.

I use one I copied off this website; however, I do tailor it to each individual CA I send it to. I usually list if it's the first DV letter I sent, whether I'm responding to a phone call or letter I received from the CA (or both), how many times I've sent the CA a DV letter (usually only send the request three times), If I'm responding to one of their half-@$$ed attempts at validation or not, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS list any of the CA's chicanery that occurred in the phone call/message I had with them, etc.

Whatever I think is relevant to the CA, as I want it documented they CA received it and are aware of it. Doubly so if they have already violated the fdcpa.

I believe I read in a thread here someone advising against letting the CA know that you are already aware they have violated the FDCPA, just in case you decide to sue them. So, you may want to consider that advice. Personally, I feel if I have already documented the violations (as in saving a copy of the VM, recording the call, saving their correspondence, photos of the CID, etc.) so there's not much they can do to worm out of hard evidence like that.

I did have a CA, Glacial Star Group located in Buffalo, NY, that never sent me the initial dunning letter, only left me annoying VM's for a couple of weeks. When I DV'd them, I listed in the letter it had been several weeks since their initial phone call and I still had not received anything in writing; they are required by law to send out written notice within the first 5 days of their initial contact. When they received my DV letter they tried sending me a certified letter, I presume with the dunning letter in, and I never signed for it and told the post office to send it back as it was now 2 months after their initial call and if they tried to sue me I had the dates documented by the date I sent the letter and the date of the notice from the PO that I had a certified letter I needed to sign for. I'd be glad to counter sue for FDCPA violations.

I have not heard from this CA since.

It's not always the same letter each time I send it. The validation information I request is always the same, though. And I do specify I'm seeking VALIDATION not VERIFICATION. I I always tell them I only want them contacting me by USPS, never by phone or with a third party. I specify I will provide them with written permission to talk to a third party, as in attorney, if needed.

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FloridaRon FloridaRon

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Very simple

To Whom it may Concern:

I dispute this alleged debt in its entirety. I request validation of this alleged debt in complaince with the fdcpa and (Insert any applicable State statute ). Calls to my employer place my employment in jeopardy.



[center:24b137bdbb]ALL CALLS TO MY HOME ARE RECORDED[/center:24b137bdbb]

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Yeah, sometimes the simplest things are the best.

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FloridaRon FloridaRon

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