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Pressler and Pressler - How to fight with them regarding an old debt

Pressler and Pressler is a collection agency (CA) based in Parsipanny, New Jersey. They are a law firm that collects old debts from consumers. For most consumers, the experience of dealing with this CA has not been very pleasant. Given below are a few such experiences shared by the guests and members of the DebtCC community.

What are the complaints against Pressler and Pressler law firm?

A majority of the people are dissatisfied with Pressler and Pressler because of the bitter experience they have had while dealing with this collection agency. As per consumer feedback, this law firm does not seem to be very popular among consumers for a variety of reasons. The complaints against this firm are as follows:

  • They sue you for false debts: People say that this CA may come after you to collect debts that you may not even owe. A consumer says that the CA sued him for a debt that he never owed. He received summon from the court and had to respond to it. He also complains that the company tried to collect his personal information (checking account, driving license information, etc.) claiming that he was legally bound to provide them with the information. Know more.
  • They take money out of checking account: A person alleges that Pressler and Pressler took money out of his account without his authorization. He says the company robbed him of his hard-earned money ($1400) and left a negative balance in his checking account. Get more details on this.
  • They sue you for debts already paid off: The collection agency is accused of suing debtors for debts that have been paid off. One such debtor claims that the CA took him to court for an account he had already paid off. Check it out.
  • They are very rude: Consumers often complain of being harassed by Pressler and Pressler. A person even claims that they are the "rudest" people he has ever had to deal with. He thinks holding a "civilized conversation" with them in utterly impossible. Find more.

Should you pay Pressler and Pressler for an old debt?

When the collection agency contacts you and claims that you owe them an old debt, you may think "Should i pay pressler and pressler for a claimed debt?". Well, you should not, until and unless they validate it. When they contact you, the first thing you should do is, ask them to validate the debt they are trying to collect. There would be two possible scenarios – either they will provide you with proof to validate the debt or they will refuse to validate. Check out the following points to know what you can do in each of these situations:

  • You do not owe the debt: In case they fail to validate the debt, you need not pay them a single penny. Send them a Cease and Desist letter asking them to stop calling you. If they still harass you, they will be in violation of the FDCPA laws. You can then file a complaint against them with the FTC or the State Attorney General's office.
  • You do owe the debt: If the CA validates the debt, you may consider paying it off to lead a tension-free life. You can negotiate with them to settle it for an amount less than what you originally owe. You may try and negotiate with them on your own or you may consider enrolling in a debt settlement program. In such a program, you will have to make a reduced payment each month into a trust account with the debt settlement company and they will negotiate on your behalf to settle the outstanding account with the CA.

How to fight Pressler and Pressler in NJ

If the collection agency tries to collect from you illegally and violates the debt collection laws you can file a complaint against them with the FTC, State Attorney General's office and the BBB. You can also take legal action against them for harassing you. However, before you take any action against them, it is important that you are aware of your rights under the FDCPA. Check out the following FDCPA rules that can protect you from harassment by the CA:

  • The CA cannot contact relatives, etc.: The CA cannot contact a third party for your debt. Hence, if they contact your relatives, neighbors or employer for your debt, they will be in violation of the laws. The CA can contact them only in case they cannot get in touch with you.
  • They cannot call at odd hours: The collection agency is not supposed to call you at odd hours of the day. They can call you only from 8 a.m to 9 p.m during the day. They cannot disurb you while you are in your place of work.
  • They cannot use abusive language: The law also restricts the representatives of the collection agency from using abusive language against you. So, if any company representative speaks to you in a rude manner, you can take action against the company.

If you need to contact the CA, you can use the following contact information:

Address for Pressler and Pressler collection agency:

7, Entin Rd., Parsippany, NJ – 07054-9944
Phone number: 973-753-5100
Fax number: 973-753-5353

This law firm called Pressler & Pressler break the...
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This law firm called Pressler & Pressler break the law repeatedly to collect money from you and no one does anything about it. From day one they break the law by telling you that you can be arrested for not paying a debt. When I got the letter stating this I ignored it because even when I didn't understand my rights I knew I could not be arrested for it. For a debt I never had? Who ever heard of such a thing. I thought they were complete frauds. Come to find out they are frauds but they operate in the open. It's a legal scam and they prey on people hoping that you DO NOT KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS. They take you to court saying that you owe them money and you HAVE TO GO and ask for them to validate the debt. 9 out ten times they can't. But you have to waste your time proving this. THIS IS SO OBSCENE on every level. They don't even care if they got the right person, they just want the money. But I've learned how to stop Pressler and Pressler scam.

Google: Reporter Exposes NJ Debt Collector Pressler & Pressler
(Channel 9 news did a story on them)

Google: Defeat Pressler and Pressler
(sign this petition)

(This guy is waging a war on them and he needs our support)

(Put their name in and read the obvious lack of regard for the law)

When you get that letter immediately send a debt validation letter to them. Keep the letter as evidence and contact the FTC, BBB, NJ AG and the NJ Bar. Report them to every place you can like here and If you are hauled into court GO and bring your letter they sent to you breaking the law. Enough people complain something will be done. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED. You thought Hess Kennedy was bad, this one just boggles my mind. This is clearly ABUSE OF POWER AND SCAMMING THE CONSUMER It's too late for me but I hope this helps others.

I am going to make it my mission to exposed these people at every turn possible.

You can gather our community members' experiences with Presler & Pressler & Pressler from our forum also. I'm giving some of those threads: -

I am being hauled in to court by Pressler & Pressler

Sued by Pressler and Pressler for an unknown debt

Pressler and Pressler sueing--Gave me no info as to for what

You can get much more information on this firm by giving search through the box at the upper right hand corner of this page.

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phoenix phoenix
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Also contact the NJ Senators and House Reps. They all have websites where you can email them directly.

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 08/22/2008 - 13:53


I have oral argument on the next potential decision to end Pressler & Pressler in October. Would like to chat with those looking to end their reign of terror.
Pressler filed their brief in August and we had a date for oral argument in Appelate Division in October. Scheduling oral argument typically takes 6 to 9 months. I believe the court hand picked this case to make a statement!
Contact me contact information removed

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I am currently dealing with Pressler and Pressler NJ. Anyone has any suggestion on how to fight Pressler and Pressler in NJ? Has anyone been successful while dealing with them?

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As of today,Sunday, Sep. 21, 2008, I have been fiscally slaughtered, wiped out, destituted by the Pressler&Pressler scumbag "Law Firm" These modern day Pharisees robbed me in my sleep! I woke up this morning only to discover that I had a negative balance in my checking account .Before I went to bed the evening before I checked my account and it had almost $1,400.00. I had $1400 abscounded . I have no money to pay rent, my checking account(Which is used exclussivly for direct Deposit on my monthly benefit check) has a negative balance. I anticipate another total of $400 plus dollars will be charged by my bank for approximately 12 INF's at $35 a pop) I have no money for food, phone, ISP costs gas,medical bills ... My net worth is approximately -$3000. It is taking all of my energy to remain calm and not wind up back in a long term psychiatric facility.What these predators do is typical of the animal kingdom, where the strongest preditors attack the weakest pray. Who will come to the side of the road where robbers left me to die and assist me ? Please help!

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Pressler and Pressler NJ can be contacted to the following: -

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phoenix phoenix
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Man I'm sorry. But you have to fight them at every turn. Fight to have the judgment vacated. They obviously have one against you in your county civil court or they would not be able to take your bank account. Fighting is the only way.

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I was reading the comments in regards to pressler and pressler. I to am being sued/harrased by them. I noticed that some people have been able to find a lawyer to take them on. If anyone would be so kind please forward me the name of said lawyer(s), for I get the run around from the local weak ass lawyers in my area. Please forward to ******** Thank everyone for your help.

*email id deleted as per TOS - Jason

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I have read all messesges posted on the web. But I live in new york and they still took me to civil court. I had asked them for the original debt papers and I'm still waiting for them. By law they have to send you the original debt from the company that you own the money. What else I could get these a-- h----. please reply

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