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Action for illegaly re-aging account by CA??

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CA has illegally re-aged an out of SOL account. Can anyone tell me how should i proceed on this?? Last payment date has changed to more recent so it is now inside SOL. Thanks in Advance for your suggestion..

Do you have the documentation to back that up? I would dispute the account with all reporting CRA's. Dispute as "Multiple Inaccuracies" and have them verify EVERY data field of the tradeline. Here's an example of one of my disputes:

Account Number XXXX
Account Owner Individual Account
Type of Account Installment
Term Duration None
Date Opened 09/2000
Date Reported 06/2007
Date of Last Payment 02/05
Scheduled Payment Amount $931
Date Major Delinquency First Reported 11/04
Creditor Classification None
Charge Off Amount $0
Balloon Payment Amount $0
Date Closed None
Current Status CHARGE OFF
High Credit $29,935
Credit Limit $0
Terms Frequency None
Balance $7,707
Amount Past Due $7,707
Actual Payment Amount $0
Date of Last Activity 04/03
Months Reviewed 20
Activity Description n/a
Deferred Payment State Date None
Balloon Payment Date None
Type of Loan Unsecured

Inaccurate Payment History ???????? I was never late:

30 Days: 06/03, 07/03, 11/03, 06/04, 07/04, 08/04 and 09/04.
60 Days: 08/03 and 10/04.
90 Days: 11/04
120 Days: 12/04

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