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Hello. My joint checking account with my husband was levied this past Tuesday, Jan, 31,2013. On the following Friday, I recieved a letter from the bank showing a pink slip from the county clerk's office of a non-wage garnishment for $2,460.60. In the paperwork, it said the funds would be held for 21 days. I had $340 balance in the account, and they held all of that. I had $188 worth of bills that came in the next day which now my acct. is showing overdrawn.
I called the creditor holding the levy, Morgan and Pottinger the day I found out and got no answer. I pulled my husbands credit report and it showed only one account in collections for $1260, not $2460 like the paper said. Court Dockets showed that my husband was served in 11/09 by Arrow financial (which he was, but the serve was from Discover credit card showing Arrow financial had took over the court date was on it)
Now it's showing Arrow financial sold the account to Morgan and Pottiger this Nov, 2013. M/P got a ruling in court 12/27/13 for the garnishment, but my husband was never notified of that court date, nor was he served regarding that court date.
My question is what can we do about the account being levied? If I get in touch with creditor this week and set up a payment plan, will they drop the garnishment this week? All my bills are set up automatically to come out of the account. I know we owe the bill, and a lot has changed in our lives since he accumulated this debt. We can and will pay it, but we were never notifed that any of this was going to happen. I am assuming it went from $1260 to $2460 due to late charges and interest. Any help with this situation will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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