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I got a call from Redline Recovery Services for a collection in my ex-husband's name. I've been divorced for 15 years. Do I have a right to find out what it's for and how do I get my name removed from anything to do with his debts. Thank You!

You need to make sure your credit report no longer shows your husband's name.

I found out the hard way when I started getting credit card offers in my ex's name at my address when we'd been divorced for 5 years that his name was still showing up on my credit report as my spouse.

Go to - it's sponsored by the US Government, and allows you a copy of your credit report from all three reporting bureaus once per year, or any time you've been denied credit. This service is completely free - there is no monitoring service to sign up for or program to join.

Check all your information at the beginning of each report -it should show your address, name, any other names you've ever been known by, and whether you have a spouse. If your ex's name is still there, you can dispute it right then and there, and state that he is no longer your spouse. I would also enter a personal statement on each credit report indicating that you have been divorced for 15 years and that you are not responsible for any debts in his name after the date of your divorce.

Hope this helps. :D

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