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Regional Adjustment Bureau: Are customers happy working with them?

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RAB Inc Regional Adjustment Bureau company is calling me non-stop at home, at work and now on my cell!! I called them and told them that I DID NOT want them to call my cell phone, as I am charged for those calls. Well the little B***H on the phone told me "oh yes we can call your cell phone and you need to pay your bill", I told her she was a joke and hung up. I can't take this anymore, I've told them to stop calling my place of employment as well, but it just does not stop. These people are SO rude and demanding. What can I do????

No need for Google on this one. Here's the FDCPA, from the FTC website.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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I have been getting calls from these creeps also. Back in 2004 my son and I got a truck from Nissan. He was the co-signer. My husband got hurt at work, we fell behind on our bills and the truck got repoed, My son is obviously upset with me. This woman-(B@@ch) named Jennifer from RAB calls me eveyday. She then turns around and calls my son the same day. I tried to make payment arrangements, when I told her that I could pay 100.00 a month she hollered at me and told me no they want 200.00 and will not take any less. I said well I guess you will have to do what ever then. Well she continued to call and they have harrassed my son so much to this point that he is so mad at me that he will not talk to me, well to get him and them off my back I told her that my husband was due a settlement from his wc and we will try to settle but not for what they want, she hollered at me and told me "Well I guess I will just call your son and tell him what you are trying to do.", I told her fine go ahead ya'll already have him to where he's not talking to me anyways. she got mad, but i am tired of being run over. I have not had a job in over 3 yrs. having to take care of my now disabled husband that had 5 back surgeries in 8 weeks.(not one time has she ever told me that this is an attempt to collect a debt), there's alot of things that i found out she was suppose to be doing that she hasnt been. Needless to say, I am going to get me a lawyer and fight this.

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Evenin' Sandy -

Check the National Association of Consumer Advocates. You shouldn't have much trouble finding an attorney to help you out on this.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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:mad:interested to know how someon determined theyuse alias' and was able to find the real names. My understading is using an alias is illegal, knowing alias' are used is imporatant and important to know it's verified

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this firm has inundated our lines with calls for a past employee. we have chosen to turn this entire matter over to the legal department and will work through the Texas State Attorney Generals Office.
this firm denies any and all complicity with a Texas home office which is not true. Further, they harassed our employees without cause.

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These people have no right to call neighbors, distant relatives, x husbands. How do they get confident information? Rude and dishonorable. Has to be against the law.

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Complaints against Regional Adjustment Bureau (RAB Inc.) can be made to the Collector Complaint Hotline at (800) 379-0688. File just one complaint and you will typically never be bothered again. Find out more at
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They are calling my home two and three times a day. I do not have any unpaid debt. They will not stop calling.

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I have a balance due from a student loan. I have kept track of every time I'v called. For the past two days the total comes to 17. Every time I call, I get the "menu" then it hangs up on me. I've never fought soooo darn hard to try to pay a bill.

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These people...they had the nerve to call my job and claim they were from INS!

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