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Regional Adjustment Bureau: Are customers happy working with them?

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RAB Inc Regional Adjustment Bureau company is calling me non-stop at home, at work and now on my cell!! I called them and told them that I DID NOT want them to call my cell phone, as I am charged for those calls. Well the little B***H on the phone told me "oh yes we can call your cell phone and you need to pay your bill", I told her she was a joke and hung up. I can't take this anymore, I've told them to stop calling my place of employment as well, but it just does not stop. These people are SO rude and demanding. What can I do????

Jolly! Last I heard, Homeland Security wasn't too keen on impostors. I think a complaint to them is in order, along with complaints to the FTC and your state AG.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Calls repeatedly, 2-3 times per day. Yesterday they called every hour and hung up. Left a message at 8 last night not telling me they were a collection agency, just "Linda Halloway" telling me she had to hear from me RIGHT AWAY. Found out this morning they called and harassed my adoptive parents yesterday whom I haven't spoken to in 20 years. I go online and see their employees harassing people on complaints boards (screen shots and IP addresses, anyone?). These people are STUPID BEYOND ALL MEANS. AND CRIMINALS WHO DESERVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. We have yet to receive a letter from these a-holes.

I will be filing a complaint with the my State Collection Agency Licensing Board, my State Attorney General's Office, the FTC and the BBB. Then I will be sending a certified return receipt requested cease and desist letter and then I will be filing an FDCPA lawsuit. I am done playing around with these dipshits. They're going down! I suggest any of you on this board receiving this type of harassment DO THE SAME.

Take digital pictures of your caller ID everytime they call, you'll have an ironclad record of their harassment.

Do not bother to pick up your phone, turn the ringer off. Eventually this forces them to leave an illegal voicemail that you can then use against them in court.

Send them a cease and desist letter certified return receipt requested. Follow up on it with a lawsuit if they fail to adhere to it. You can serve them through the mail yourself, just send it certified return receipt requested. Make sure to include evidence of mailing when you file with your local court.

Know your rights! Read up on the FDCPA and check your local state for laws governing collection agencies. bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf

You can file a complaint with the FTC here: /bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtm

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On the night on 2/19/2010 my phone rings at 8:45. So I answered. The speaker began to ask for me & she introduced herself to me. She proceeded to ask me if I was who I said I was because she didn't want to difuldge my personal info to an incorrect party. So then she said she is a debt collection agency by the name of Regional Adjustment Bureau. She asked me if I was prepared to make a one time settlement for more than $1600.00. I said no ma'am I am not. She asked me what was I able to pay monthly. I told her that I wasn't sure because I have to review my monthly finances. She became irate with me & started talking over me. She said there isn't anymore time & they weren't going to give me anymore time. I have had enough time & that is why Im in collections now!! She said they were going to begin futher actions against me!! I was trying to handle the call as professional as I possibly could. Then I asked her, "well are you going to talk over me or are you going to allow me to talk." She got pissed off & said she was not going to allow me to yell at her!! This agent or "customer service person or debt collector was doing all of the yelling. I never once raised my voice to her. Well, Ms. Sandra McNeil, Im sure that is an alias, I wasn't yelling at you, I was simply trying to get some questions answered as to how I could take care of this debt & what my options are. I am not about to play a cat & mouse game with Regional Adjustment Bureau. I understand that I owe money. However, that does not give anyone the right to call & yell, scream & be rude to people. Have you ever heard of attracting more flies with honey than vinegar? This woman was so NASTY TOO ME & IT WASN'T EVEN CALLED FOR. I only wanted her to answer a few questions for me. She never gave me a chance before she started over talking me, not being attentive & being unprofessional. Her behavior makes me question her up bringing & her on the job training. HER ATTITUDE WAS UNACCEPTABLE & HORRIBLE. And this is the representation that RAB has hired. AND THIS IS THE COLLECTION AGENCY THAT THE LENDERS HAVE HIRED!!! I wonder if they, RAB, close any collections at all. Representation like that make you want to say forget it. My credit is screwed anyway & they are not there to help!!

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Unfortunately I answered the phone and this woman asked me if I was a relative of my mother (said her name) I said yes of course thinking something was wrong with my mom. Well, they keep calling me now, how do I get them to quit calling. The annoying thing is that they call really early and really late at night. I am saving the caller id and programming it DNA (Do Not Answer) but how many different lines could they call from?

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i agree, these people are so demanding it's sick!! Obviously some of us who are having troubles financially, cant make these outrageous demands! I've been hounded by these people for a while. I have asked many times if we can arrange a payment plan and the lady/man on the other man rudely said "NO, WE NEED IT IN FULL OVER THE PHONE NOW!!" Really?? but yet they'd gladly take 100 bucks to hold this "offer"...yeah, that makes sense!! Im tired of them harrassng me but not being willing to work with me when i try to make something work....Some customer service they claim to have.

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The only way to stop them is to either turn them over to your attorney or write them a certified letter telling them to stop calling you at home, at work, or your cell. Legally they have to stop. I would also send a letter regular mail as well. If you receive the certified one back do not open it. It will be proof you sent a letter if they continue to harass you. They are calling me to...I have an attorney for my bankruptcy....

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What about the Memphis division? I have been contacted by Leslie Fox and her "supervisor". I asked them to stop calling my work and they continue to do so.

I also tell them I could pay inMay yet they keep calling saying they're marking it as a "refusal to pay".

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
what about us who don't do anything but move in by someone who chooses not to pay their bills! I pay all of my bill yet I am getting phone call after phone call about a neighbor I don't even know! why should I have to deal with this! All I did was buy a house near to someone who obviously doesn't pay bills!

It is illegal for a company to discuss anyone's debt with anyone other than the debtor...notify them of this.

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I sued Transworld collections for doing the same thing. I toldthem ove and over to stop but they insisted on being crazy. The compnay I used is Collection stoppers. they will do all thhey do not charge you up front and the most you will get is $1,000 but

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I sued Transworld collections for doing the same thing. I toldthem ove and over to stop but they insisted on being crazy. The compnay I used is Collection stoppers. they will do all thhey do not charge you up front and the most you will get is $1,000 but they

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