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I need some advice. At the beginning of June my dad informed me that he had gotten a call for me from a Ms. Ventura from Regional Credit Solutions. I got a voicemail from her about a week later. I chose to ignore it. Ms. Ventura called me again a week later and I called her back. She informed me that she was calling about a payday loan I had taken out in 2011 with Payday One. I neither confirmed or denied I had a debt (I do have a debt, but I don't think its the amount they say I owe). I requested she send something in the mail to me and she also offered to email me the document. A week went by without receiving anything. She called me again wanting to know if I had gotten the email and I informed her that I had not and that I also hadn't received anything in the mail. I got an email later that day with what looked like a dunning letter or validation letter. The current creditor was listed as Northern Solutions Group. I have never heard of them and haven't had any correspondence with them. If they are the current creditor then who is Regional Credit Solutions?? Ms. Ventura called me the next morning threatening to send my file to the investigator to have me served, because it had been 30 days since they had been trying to work something out with me. I plan on mailing a request for verification to dispute it.

In summary, here are my questions:
Is a validation letter sent via email considered written notice by law?
Can they serve me before I have a chance to dispute the debt?
Why would the current creditor be different from the CA that is contacting me?
Do I need a dunning letter from Northern Solutions Group for this to be valid?

I have myself convinced that Regional Credit Solutions is a scam. I have done a ton of research and haven't come across anything that gives me reason to trust them. But now another CA has been thrown into the equation and I can't seem to get as much information on them.

I am so confused and I DON'T want to fall victim to a scam! Please help!

What state do you live in??? Payday One is a legal lender in some states.

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I live in Kansas. I know that Payday One is a legal lender in KS. I recently tried to locate contact information for them and I can't even find their website, so I'm not sure if they have changed names or gone out of business.

My concern is being duped by a collection agency scam. I have educated myself on the FDCPA and I am trying to go through the proper steps of verifying that Regional Credit Solutions/Northern Solutions Group legally owns and can collect on this debt, but it still has me stressed not knowing for sure if these people are legit or not.

Also, Northern Solutions Group put a hard inquiry on my credit report in May, but no collection accounts are showing up. I don't know what to make of that.

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Update......I sent Regional Credit Solutions a debt validation letter last week and it was received by them on 7/26/13. This was within the 30 day window to dispute. I specifically requested in the letter that they not contact me or my references and to only communicate via US mail. I got a call this morning from Ms. Ventura again stating that it had been 30 days since they sent me a letter and that I could no longer dispute the debt. If I didn't call her by the end of the day that they would issue a court summons. I know that they can't take me to court, but I don't know how to get them to stop calling me. I already gave written notice to stop and they haven't. I filed an online complaint with the FTC this morning. What do I do now since they clearly aren't abiding by the rules.

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you sent a proper DV within the have proof the recieved they are violating the FDCPA so sue their ass.simple as that.

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I would love to sue them and make them pay up, but I don't have money up front to pay for attorney fees and whatever else I would have to pay to get the lawsuit going. And I do owe a debt to Payday One (original creditor), so I wouldn't want to set myself up by initiating legal action.

What are the steps to sueing a debt collector/buyer out of curiousity?

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go to that is a network of contingency lawyers in your area.meaning the lawyer sues them,and they pay his fee and the court pay nothing,zip,nada,bupkiss.btw paydayone is notorious for selling debt to bottomfeeders meaning paydayone is out of the picture,and the bottomfeeder is acting illegaly so it doesn't matter if you owed paydayone anymore.the fact of the bottomfeeders illegal actions are the issue now.

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So, you're saying as long as this debt is being collected illegally then I don't have to worry about paying it? Even if I wanted to pay it to PaydayOne directly?

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i'm pretty sure if you contact paydayone they will say they sold it.meaning they are no longer yes not only do you not pay this bottomfeeder you sue them.they pay your lawyer and you.places like this as well as cashnetusa,and check-n-go sell their debts to bottomfeeders.once that happens they are out of the picture.

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