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Has anyone got a PDL from Rightaway Financial Group or Resource Financial Group. If so we need to talk. Check out your state law regarding PDL to see if they are legal. If not, contact your State Attorney General Office to inform them of these illegal practices. He has a terrible record with BBB and only has a po box in the state of Utah which I was told was going to be shut down. Colorado knows of his illegal activities but they can't do anything about it because he is working with the bank of South Dakota and it is a corporation. Asisde from that he should not give loans to states where it is illegal. Also, I was told that he doesn't reply to letters, phone calls, summons, etc. He thinks he above the law and something needs to be done about it. He calls jobs, residences and references like a crazed stalker. We do have rights under the Consumer Fair Lending Law and he doesn't pay any attention to that. Right now I am working with the State Attorney General's office in my state to try to get some of the money that I paid him. I got a loan for $600 and my payback was $1500. I was penalized severly for missing one pay day because I had to pay doctors bills and mortgage. I am just waiting to see what or if he responds which I doubt very seriously. I also contacted FTC and a investigation will not occur unless several people make complaints against this company. So if you have been a victim of his late night calls to your home or several telephone calls to your job talking to your supervisor or other co-workers, lets talk and maybe something can be done to stop the nightmare that is Derek.

Thank You.

Yes, He is doing the same thing to me. I live in New Jersey.Yes please Email me back. He is crazy

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Please call me on phone#removed..paulmergel. and I will let you know what I did to stop him. He is very illegal and insane. I don't know how he got a license to let folks borrow money. So call me and we an discuss it. Also, I had talked to another person in North Carolina who experienced the same situation constantly calling her home and job all hours of the night.[samebox:afc65a3c4a="paulmergel"]sorry,no personal info or solicitations's for your safety.[/samebox:afc65a3c4a]

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Mods please remove the personal information posted above.

Thanks in advance!

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don't mention it kid.

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Sorry about the phone number situation. Just trying to help out. Again, to the person who is having problems with Resoures Financial group dba Rightaway Financial Group. Report him to your State AG's office soon. They will notify him by certified mail. Also contact the state where he works out of AG's office. I also contacted the FTC and BBB. I was told that he was contacted but got no response. I did pay him way over what I was supposed to because he kept calling and calling and calling everyone and told me he would make my life a living He!& if I don't pay up. He threatened me constantly and was very abusive over the phone. So pay him something to get him off you for a while. I paid him $1500 for a $600 dollar loan and I am strill trying to get it back a year later. So Good Luck and if you can get away from this shady character, never borrow from this company again.

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I live in Missouri and I recieved a loan from the "resourse center" and I paid it back when it was due! and now just the other day i recieved a letter in the mail from a man named Steve Walker from this so called "company" and they said i owe them $286! And Ive called the 303-752-2646 number so many times its unreal! no one has returned my calls and they said If i didnt reply before june 3rd they were sending me to court!! ok well i got the letter on JUNE 4th!! so if anyone knows how i can complain i will!!

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