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CA faild to respond DV, What's next? Help please

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I had Sears account that was sold to Resurgence Capital recently. I recieved first statement from Resurgence fist week of July 2008. I sent my DV letter on 7/25/08 and USPS delivery confirmed on 7/28/08. I have not recieved any respons from Resurgence on DV as of today 9/5/08. On 8/30/08, I recieved first statement from other collection agency in Ohio on same account. On 8/29/08, my equifax credit report alerted me for LNLV (Resurgence Capital )opend collection account. But I do not see CA in Ohio on my credit report yet.
What should I do next? Do I need to send validation letter to CA in Ohio or should I take next step to Resurgence Capital? What is next step any way? Thanx in advance.

LVNV will likely be the only tradeline you will see. They use various CA's to do the collecting for them and most are subsidiaries of LVNV. Your DV sounds like it was timely and so they moved the account from Resurgent to another arm in their octopus organization. DV the new CA and send a copy to LVNV and add "any and all subsidiaries of LVNV, Resurgent Capital, etc" You can get the complete list of all the entities at Did you add any restriction of communication to your DV? LVNV will consider a limited C&D as a full cease comm. I would state you are not permitted calls to work and at the bottom of your letter state all calls to your home or cell are recorded.

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Thank you very much for advice. I C&D and requested USPS mail communication.

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And New collection agency in OH is Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

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