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Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.

other names
AMCA Collection Agency
American Medical Collection Agency
Mail Assurance Service

Address : 2269 Sawmill River Road
Elmsford, NY 10523

Original Business Start Date: 8/1/1977
Type of Entity: Corporation

Phone Number: (800) 666-8097,
(914) 592-0055
Fax Number: (914) 345-5023


These complaints concerned: 219

NO rating as per BBB

This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.

they are calling under the name telemarketing and are try to collecta debt for a hospital I have never seen a doctor at...

Sub: #1 posted on Sat, 02/06/2010 - 07:30


They are using every illegal means to collect money on bills that people do not have. A bunch of crooks. Check Under the FAIR DEPARTMENT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT, they must provide written evidence any such bill exist. WRITTEN EVIDENCE. Remember that. Turn them in to any law or legal organization you can. They are not only ripping the people off, they are ripping the government off.

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 03/23/2010 - 11:08


They are racist and sexist and made it difficult to work there i used to drop the managers brother off after work because he didnt have a car and they still hated on me. it was mojority women working thier and i am and attrive young man a i guess they felt treathend my dispostion and made it difficult for me to be there i hope they go out of bisness soon

Sub: #3 posted on Tue, 08/17/2010 - 10:31


When a company works under so many names, it shows that something is not right. 219 complaints show us what sort of a company it is.

Sub: #4 posted on Tue, 08/17/2010 - 10:37

paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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RMCB sent me a phony collection bill for a magazine subscription I never ordered and never received. RMCB is commeting Mail Fraud. How they persist in this is amazing. Do not send them a thing and do not provide any information, especially credit card numbers or SSN. They are crooks just like those running the country.:twisted:

Sub: #5 posted on Sun, 12/12/2010 - 01:19


AMCA They are harassment collection agency . They call me almost every day and live messages I keep track off . I have Insurance I went to a doctor one time and part of my diabtic visit The Russian doctor took a blood test as part of the visit that he had to submit to the insurance company and he did and he got paid . Then a sperat bill went from Quest Diagnostic that the insurance did pay That bill had the wrong Group # not what I have the crocks are working togther with the Russian doctors.I Filed a complaint with State Attorney General and it has been Three weeks and he did not do nothing. I will have no choice and to sue them for harassment. They by Law can not Threaten me every the time I have Insurance and that was under preventive care law for diabtic. They can not claim twice.

Sub: #6 posted on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 14:21


AMCA is engaged in very questionable practices and the only way to prove it is to sue them in court All complaints to AG and other government offices may fall into deaf ears because it is not a big priority for the government. Go to small claims court and sue them for 25-30 dollars to cover your court expenses and for harrasment Let them send a lawyer to defend $25 lawsuit and if they dont show up they will be found guilty by the judge If their lawyer shows up just wait for your case to be called and ask a judge to postpone See, they would loose $200-300 or more just for sending a lawyer You do it few times and then quit the suit You will get a satisfaction that the amount they are trying to collect from you will be much less than they will end up paying to defend themself in court

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 20:18


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