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Ok, so I have been getting these calls from a company named Riddle and Assoc. telling me i am going to be sued for computer from back in 1999 june. So after dealing without credit for so long i thought i could do this so i agreed to pay them today and gave them info and everything i would have checked the net first but i was at work, i am on a differed sentence for poss. so i cant have any trouble the debt is 3471.86 when it started it was 1507.00. so what now chapter7 and change all my info again? please help me im so stupid

This is a civil problem it has nothing to do with your criminal sentence. UNLESS you fail to follow a court order, summons to appear, etc.

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cool cool thanks

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I had to change my checking account number and put Stop Payments on my previous account to stop companies from taking money. Once the 'real' payments had come through I closed the first account. My bank was great and they worked with me. Remember you are the bank's customer, and they should be on your side, especially with an amount as large as this, and because this sounds like big-time fraud. The company might not have really had any information about a past debt, they could have just randomly called you and because it sounded like something that really happened you believed them. It's best to never give any account information over the phone, especially with a company you have never dealt with before. Good luck!

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What is a Dunning letter?

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wssu92 wssu92

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The Dunning Letter would have been the very first communication with you. It would have the "mini-miranda" (you have 30 days to dispute....).

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anonymous---I assume that you are on parole. Are you even supposed to have a bank account as a parolee? Could you get in trouble for that?

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Lorri Lorri
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That would be a letter or bill sent to you by a CA, demanding money for a debt.

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