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I have received a bill from this company for a supposed overdrawn bank account. I never had this account and don't know how to go about settling this matter. HELP!

Seems like identity theft. File a complaint with Attorney General's office. RJM has a very bad reputation.

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RJM is known for going after debt that is not only questionable, but is so old it is ridiculous! I got a letter from them once collecting on an account that was over 20 years and not mine as it was defaulted when I was 17 or so LOL.

Not only that, but they were not bonded in my state as required by my state law and they went away with a simple phone call informing them of not having a bond.

However, you should DV them to get the account details (if they can even produce them) then take that information down to file the identity want to make sure it is something truly not yours, not just something so old you completely forgot about it (for example..I couldn't tell you the name of my first ever bank...I have forgotten).

You don't want to file an identity theft charge until you are very sure you never had that account.

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