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I have a company Pinnacel\NAFS\SITEL trying to collect a $4,000 debt from me that was written off in 1990. I dont see it on my credit report. Can they still try to collect this debt, and can it still be reported to the credit bureau? They tired to collect this debt two years ago and I ignored them with no action from them. Here it is two years later and they are trying again.

The debt is valid until it is paid, that being said.

No they cannot report it to the Reporting Agencies because
it is beyond the reporting statutes.

If they report it challenge the it based on being too old to report. You will have to prove the time frame expired by showing the Date of Last activity was beyond 7.5 years or more ago.

They might be barred from suing if the Statute of Limitation has expired. Depending on the state you live in and the type of debt it is will determine the SOL.

If it is outside the SOL and you choose not to deal with this matter you can send them a complete Cease and Desist letter stating that the debt is beyond any legal remedies for them and you do not want to be contacted.

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