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Why is it many people get out of $40,000 worth of debt on a single card because of SOL while others with $400 get their ass hammered and taken to court? I have always been in wonder about this! No, I am not bashing...just wondering! Is there a secret?

Sometimes it is just luck.

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 12/10/2008 - 10:09

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I know it does seem odd.Every one I know has never been sued even with $5000 and up debt yet I get sued not 1 time but now 3 and all under $1500!!! I do not understand that either! I was always told not to worry, by consumer counselor AND an attorney, they would never sue me over my little balances because there were always bigger fish to fry with larger debts but NOT! 3 times I have/am being sued and one was past SOL and I still lost and had to pay 3 times what was originally due on the account!!!!!

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On the one that was past SOL, you should appeal because if it was past SOL then the law was on your side.

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