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Received several calls from 855-803-1229
claiming they are URG and that if I didn't pay $ 500 today for
a purported previous debt that I would be served
papers for a court date. They provided me with a case
number and everything....funny thing is my brother works
in the courts and I called him and had him check the
case number...IT WAS ALL A LIE ! I called the number
(855) 803-1229 and spoke with a Mr. Harrison, he told me
that I must pay the $ 500 today , I asked him if I could mail the
payment...he said "NO" I asked him if I could send moneygram
or western Union,,,he said "NO" only on my credit card or debit card.
"I told him that I DO NOT OWE any creditors and it seems very
funny that he cannot give any information about the debt that he wants me
to pay him $ 500 for and they will not accept western union or moneygram
seems suspicious and illegal, some form of fraud...he hung up.

I called back and spoke with mr harrison again and requested their mailing
address ....he said he feared for his life and could not provide me with it.

When I checked online ...I found that they are as I thought a huge "SCAM"
There are many complaints and postings about their scams. READ:


Thanks mate...for sharing this important information with us. This will help all the members in this forum.

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I LOLed at that! So why would this joker fear for his life if he was doing legitimate collection and not breaking the law?? Heh. It really is sad though how many people don't question, just pay right up. It's a shame.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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I have been receiving phone calls from their so -called- debt-collection agency. They also called my Daughter to find out information about me several times and were really pushy and harressing her. Their also called my Daughter-in-law to try to find out personal information about me. I called them back and told them that I checked all my records and don't owe any back-bills they tried to threaten me with. So please everyone out there BEWARE OF PHONE CALLS FROM URG AND DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!

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855-672-5578 URG
called me at 7 am leaving a message saying I owe a debt and if I refuse this debt legal action will be taken on me. I am not even calling these people back. They will give up. I was scammed last month. My advice to everyone is if you do owe debts, keep track of them. It's easy to get scared and believe them. By law you cannot go to jail for not paying a payday loan... Only if you fail to appear in court. These forums are important!

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My 14 year old son was repeatedly getting calls on his cell from them asking for a person we do not know. I called them to request his # be removed and they said they can not find this person in their system and can not look for my son's phone number to remove. I was hung up on by 3 reps- Tony Massey at ext 272 and the supposed office manager, Deborah McKnight as well as another rep whose name I did not get. All I wanted was for them to stop calling and looking for people we don't even know and these people were completely rude and unprofessional!!

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When I talked to the "office manager" Deborah McKnight, she claimed my number must be listed as a reference for the person they are looking for. I advised her that it is against FDCPA guidelines to continue calling a "reference" number after they have claimed not to know the debtor, she hung up. Yeah, I worked collections for 5 years and know the laws. It's harassment and I guess she didn't expect that people would know that!

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i was one that fell for this and got 600 stolen from my account i since have canceled the card and today i received another call that the payment was declined and needed to pay asap or else legal matter was going to take place thank god i looked them up online dont know why i didnt do this before :(

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Geez, sorry about your stolen money

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bingonut bingonut

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