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Hi guys!!

I had a few questions in regards to being served. This morning I had two women come knocking on my door. I didn't recognize them and thought they were solicitors so I didn't answer the door. Later I had the thought that maybe I was being served. Would it be normal for two people to serve a summons? Also, is there a way I can verify if I have anything filed against me? I live in Tampa,FL. Thanks in advance


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Can anyone help me out?

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You can call your county clerks office and give them you name and find out if there is anything under it. It would probably be under civil.

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You might also search and see if you have a civil court website, if there's a case pending against you, it will most likely be listed on your local Municipal/Civil site.

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Thanks guys!! One other question, would it be normal for more than one person to come to my door and serve me?

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It seems a bit out of the ordinary for me, but I'm not really sure.

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Yes it is unusual. But I can think of a couple reasons why two women might go out process serving together.

1) To throw you off. Their goal is to get you to answer the door so they can serve you. Obviously you didn't because you thought they were solicitors, so if that's their plan then they failed.

2) Protection. They don't know who they're serving; they just have a name and an address. If a woman goes alone, there could be some pervert who opens the door and pulls her in. It'd be harder for someone to pull in two ladies.

3) Extra witness. If they did serve you and you later claimed they never served you properly, having an extra witness state service was made would help their cause.

4) Maybe one of the ladies had nothing better to do and just went along for the ride.

Or maybe they were just solicitors or jahova's witnesses.

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Thanks guys!!

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