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I just reported them to the FBI and BBB adn will do so with teh FTC once the Government re-opens. I am currently enrolled in a debt consolidation program adn 2 weeks ago a Mr. "Danny Taylor" called to say he was from ACS, Inc. and was hired as a 3rd party represetning one of my lenders. He said that this particular lender did not go through debt consolidation programs and I needed to settle outside of the program with him. I stupidly paid $600 and found out today via my debt consolidation program that they are a complete scam. I am beyond upset but have learned an important lesson! Do not take their calls, ignore them ndeport them to everyone you can report them to. This must be stopped!

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I hope this will help all of the forum members.a

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Never, ever give out money to some outfit just because they say you have too. NO legitimate company works like that. There is a process. Even if they do refuse to work with a debt consolidation company (they have that right) they still have to go through the proper motions to get the money they are owed.

However you paid them by, see if you can get a stop payment on it and immediately close your account and open a new one as they very well may try to go back in and bleed you dry, do this ASAP!

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Hello I just opened my email and saw I had an email from them. I was concerned because I know I never got a loan or owed anything. I wrote back to their email but then googled the name Acs inc and I came across everyone's post about this scam company. What action can I take to report them and have them stop with emails and calls? Any advice is helpful. Thank you for sharing this. I'm so glad i Researched before paying any money because I did get worried when they said legal action wipeouts be taken against me.

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