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I have sent them a debt validation letter along with the cease and desist letter. I did get back the certified paper with the signature, so they did receive it. They have since called my work and left a recording to contact them. Can someone help with my next steps?

debt validation and cease communications are mutually exclusive. How can you expect them to contact you if you've todl them to cease contact? A "limited C&D" they can ignore or in some cases they will take as a full cease comm. Regardless, if they consider your C&D as full cease comm, they are allowed to contact you one more time to inform you 1)they are discontinuing collection efforts or 2) any specific action they intend to take ie: sue. I would send a follow up DV, referencing when the first was signed for and by whom, and simply state that "All calls to my employer place my employment in jeopardy". At the bottom in large bold print:


Calls to work after this are an actionable violation and if they do call your home and you are recording, they may say something that will add more ammo to any suit you choose to file.

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Just wait them out and see if they respond and with what. If they call after receiving the C and D letter contact an attorney who will file a suit for fdcpa violations.

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