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Does anyone know if the SOL in Wisconsin for debt collection is tolled/stopped once you leave the state... i've tried searching online, and there are reasons that i found that tolls the SOL but moving out of state is not of them...

i read in the forums that NY/florida tolls it if u move out of state, but i can't find anything similar on WI.

this would greatly help me if i can find this!!!

Is this a permanent move? Here is the statute concerning tolling SOL. Most of Chapter 893 concerns SOL and SOR. Remember that WI has a Statute of Repose which extinguishes the debt upon expiration of SOL.

http://nxt.le I:Default&d=stats&jd=ch.%20807

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this was a permanent move.. i was in wisconsin for 4 years, and then moved out of the country for 1.5 years. Now i have moved back to US, but to ohio... i have been sued in ohio, but the contract was signed in wisconsin..

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On the same note, the SOL in wisconsin on written contract is 6 yrs...
the contract relates to a Bally's membership signed in 2000. I had relocated from the city, and provided the required documents to cancel... bally's did not cancel, and eventually sold to Asset... it's defaulted since Jan 2001 (when i had cancelled)... the contract says that it is governed by the state where it is signed..
now i'm in ohio, where i have been sued.. the SOL here is 15 years!!!!
i dont have any documents to prove the account cancellation since it was so long ago, so i was hoping i can use SOL..
also asset violated fdcpa by updating information to the credit report.. as a result of my complain, two of the credit reporting agencies took Asset off my credit report.- i'll be mentioning this in my defense as well.

Please let me know your thoughts on this!!!!

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to update the last note -
i relocated from the city in 2000 when i cancelled - but was in Wisconsin. I moved permanently from wisconsin in 2004.

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