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Ignored collection letters from lawyaers ...

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I have received numerous letters from lawyers and CAs for debts that had been charged-off. These letters said that I have to respond within 30 days or it would mean that I am not disputing the debt. I have not responded to any of them and, generally, they have not written back. Also, they have not been able to contact me because current contact details are no longer in my credit reports. The debts are all past SOL by now and have been passed from one CA another. Some of these CAs still show up in my credit reports with recent inquiries (makes me think they are still looking for me).

I want to know if I'm in trouble for not responding to these letters long time ago. Did my failure to respond give them eternal right to sue, or am I now protected by SOL? What should I do if one of these CA's call me regarding these 8+ year old debts?

I appreciate your advise. Thank you.

You still owe the debt, but if the SOL has expired then they cannot sue you in court. You should be sure of the SOL since different states have different time frames for different types of debts.

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If the debts are truly outside the SOL send them a C&D letter telling them so and to pound dirt.

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If it has been more than 7 years you can also dispute it with the CRAs assuming the debts are still showing up and they have to be removed. If a CA attempts to verify the debt and keep it on your CR then they violated the FCRA for re-aging a debt.

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