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I am posting these links since they are the most useful and commonly used links to information that members and guests have here in the forum, it would be great if it could become a sticky. But in the mean time I'll just link it via my signature.

debt validation

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

SOL by State

Attorney Generals by State

Federal Trade Commission

National Association of Consumer Advocates

Legal Services Corporation, a non-profit institution funding by the federal government

Division of Corporations by state

i have had a payday loan in the past now it is in collection, i was called today and told i have until 1100 to pay half of the payment, and two weeks to pay remainder, or i would be arrested at home or at job, is the arrest portion true? could i have set up payments?

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Dear Samuelxm,

Please post your query in the "Payday Loan" section so that you get proper response.


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WOW :!: :!:

I am so amazed, blessed, and impowered by this website and its wonderful people. There is so much knowledge and infomation here. I am just so impressed and thankful to everyone. :hug: :!:

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