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Is a states Department of Revenue the same as any collection agency?

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I received a collection notice form my states DOR. (from a state owned hospital) I need to dispute and was wondering if the DOR was just like any other CA? Should I know more before I submit a dispute? My reason for disputing is that I qualified for Medicaid at the time of the services and the hospital didn't submit my paperwork to Medicaid. I have contacted Medicaid and my situation is so complicated I fell it may take awhile to resolve. The hospital used an outside source to do the paperwork and now everyone seems to be passing the blame.

You should send a letter to the DOR explaining your eligibility for medicaid along with relevant proofs and that the hospital didn’t submit your medical bills to medicaid. Now the payments will be made with benefits received under your medicaid plan.

As far as DOR is concerned, you need to treat them like any other collection agency and consult a debt attorney if necessary.

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shut up on the last part as the DOR is not like any were right with that the OP should send everything they have in reference to this as the medicaid should cover that.however the DOR can do things an ordinary CA can't so don't say that.

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