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Allied Interstate stealing identities? Huh??

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Was hanging out in the chat room this afternoon, and someone came on asking if I was affiliated with allied interstate Inc. After telling them I wasn't (cuz I'm not! :D ) they told me they were sure that Allied was stealing/misusing someone's identity. They then asked if I knew who the CEO was, and if I could get their contact info. I linked them to Bud Hibbs website and the information noted on there for Allied.

I asked them if they ever had any type of account/claim with Allied, and they then told me that they never did, but were going to contact authorities to find out who "opened an account" for them. I think they may have misunderstood what i meant (so I guess that's my fault, I didn't know of any other way to put it), but has anyone else heard anything about possible stolen identities?

Fortunately I've never had the opportunity to "work" with them, but I figured I'd just pass this along for discussion.

I dealt with them before on behalf of my ex, from my dealings with them I wouldn't be all that surprised. However I have no real insight to this issue as far as proof goes.

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