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Has anyone had an experience with this collections agency? Basically, my debit card number expired, and I was issued a new debit card. I changed all my automatic withdrawals, except the gym, Complete flake on my part, not on purpose though. This was in January. I never realized that the money wasn't being deducted from my account, and my gym never notified me of this either.

Well, the other day, I get a call from a collector saying I owed this gym money and to call him. So I call, explain what had happened and told him I would call him back when I got paid to fulfill my debt. I pay $60/mo, so I am thinking Jan-Apr is $240 owed. When I called back to pay, he wanted $1200! Now, I understand penalties and fees, etc, but that is 500% interest! So I called the gym, explained what happened and ask if I can just pay them directly. They said that legally, since they sent to collections, they cannot collect payment from me. I work in billing for an insurance company, and we take payments from insureds who were sent to collections, so I am not sure that this is really a legality.

So they give me the number to the manager at the collections agency to work out a lump payoff amount. I call the manager, he was pretty upset that I called him, and said he couldn't believe the Golds Gym would give me his number. He said he would place me on hold to look up my account, and before I know it, I am transferred to the original rep I spoke to. Needless to say, he was not happy that I called his manager. What followed was a bit shocking to me, as I have never dealt with collections.

All I asked for was a letter with a break down of the charges, and that they are collecting a debt, for my records. He stated "Well, your gym told you to call us, what more proof do you need?". I told him "Please just respect my request, and send this. I am not refusing to pay, I just want this for my records". He told me the break down was in my contract. Well, I don't have my contract, this is a 6 year old contract. So I asked him to send that to me. He doesn't have the contract. Yet they are charging me fees based on this contract that he does not have. He basically said this was stupid. Then he told me "you've already provided me with your routing number, all I have to do is look up your name and we can deduct from your account without your approval". EXCUSE ME? My only response to that was "I will be looking for the letter in the mail, thank you" and I hung up. I was in shock.

I called the gym back, told them I was threatened and I refused to pay the collection agency. All I got from the gym was an "I'm sorry, we can't help you".

Can anyone help me understand what is going on? I get it, I messed up, I want to pay what I owe to the gym. But all I asked for was clarification on where the $1202 is coming from, and I was threatened. And the gym wont accept a payment, so how do I fulfill this debt? I imagine a gym debt on my credit report wont be a hard hit if everything else is good. I would like to know if anyone else has had an experience with this company, that is not listed on BBB and there is no website for them, and he would not provide me with a tax id number either when I asked. SO FRUSTRATING.

Legally they are more than likely under contract with the collection taking a payment from you WOULD be in violation of their legal agreement. Your dealing with collection agencies are based on a contract that your company has with their collection agencies....

A collection account is a collection account whether it be from a gym or a major credit take the same hit.

FYI...they do not have to send you anything when you make the request all has to be done in writing.

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My daughter signed up at the gym for a personal trainer. They told her she had 30 days to cancel if she wanted to. After three weeks she decided that she couldn't afford it and really didn't have time, so she went in and told them she wanted to cancel. The lady was on the computer and said she was all set. A couple of months later they said she owed them money and that she didn't cancel. They wouldn't cancel her contract. Three times she tried to cancel it "again". Next thing you know this company called her and arranged payments with her of $150 per month. She paid on it for about 9 months and thinking she shouldn't have to be paying them any longer asked them how much she had left to pay. They told her that the entire $150 had been going to interest and that she now owed them $10,000. I meet with an attorney on Wednesday to deal with this and am going to try and interest them in doing a class action suit against them. I know there must be a multitude of people that have been scammed by this company.

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Did your daughter cancel in writing?? Get anything in writing that she had in fact cancelled?? Did the contract have a 30 day escape clause written into it???

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Same problem here also. Told the Guy I could not afford the personal trainer sessions. He told me I could cancel at any time. I did cancel they said OK I was all set. Now swift funds is calling me telling I owe $2600. I told them I was filing for Ch 13 bankruptcy. they said I could not file a claim against them because they have been watching for pending bankruptcy to clear. So I couldn't file a claim. I told them I haven't went to court yet still getting things together for my lawyer They told me it wasn't going to do any good. they would fight the claim. I'm still in early stages of bankruptcy. Called my lawyer they told I could still put them in.

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Everything you just said lady is incorrect. If you knew anything about the gyms a debt collection issues going on you'd know that you can still pay the gym and void out the debt but swift funds will still continue calling. I had a similar situation with swift funds and golds said i can pay them direct and they printed me paper work from THEIR computers showing the account paid in full and cancelled but collections continues calling. I said I would be more then happy to mail them copies of the closed account but the said no golds has to not me. Golds still shows the account as paid in full and closed. This company is a fraud and golds and various other gyms are in on it. I actually recorded a conversation in the office with my attorney, the district golds manager and regional on the phone in the room,. When asked about why the use such a shifty third party collections agency they said no comment we are do as we are told. All these gyms that use this company are crooks. My best recommendation is report it to an attorney and take the collections agency to court then go after the gym. If paid in full and you have all receipts and interactions on file you will win. Swift funds are a bunch of crooks and think they are above the law.

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Originally I owed to Gold GYM $300 cancellation which is crap I never signed contract plus three months of membership $60.00. This Swift financial crooks called and claimed I owe them around $840.56 due to late fees and some sort of collection company charges. I refused to pay them and told them to F*** off I’m not going to pay anything, and then this guy called from Swift “ Doug Ph 619-365-4150 Ext 1045” and told me if you can pay onetime settlement fee we can close your account and you don’t have pay again and we are not going to report to your credit report, anyways he convinced me to Pay $304.59. I thought that’s fine at least I don’t have to deal with these ass holes, I paid them with my debit card.

Guess what, 25 days later, charged $575 without my authorization, I called them back and Talked to Doug, according to him let me check I think they made a mistake and I will get back with you by tomorrow afternoon, NOTHING. I called NO answer.

I called my bank and dispute my payment, now they start calling again tried to claim another $700.00, I asked for this guy name Dough and they put me on hold 30 minutes and hang up.

So my point is never ever give them your Credit card, Debit number, Routing number, Back account. They will clean your account no time, these guys are crooks and DO NOT pay them anything. It was my big mistake I should have him email me something so I should have proof of his conversation. But I’m sure he wouldn’t going to do that.

I’m also looking for a legal attorney general and going to sue dough and this company. Please let me know if you know any would help me on this.

Thank you

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Did you ever get a settlement offer in writing? If not, you not going to have much luck with suing a matter of he said, she said. Get rid of that debit card...have your bank cancel it and issue you a new one.

Send the CA a cease and desist letter, demanding they never contact you again.

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No that was my mistake I should get settlement letter in Writting, they called me at work and I did it so quick so they don't bother me again and I meesed up. I did canceled my debit card and dispute my charges. I got my money back from the bank (Second Charge).

Thank you so much for your respond.

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Even worse - I just got my cell phone number 2 weeks ago. The day I got the phone, this company began calls. I've politely told them every time that this is not the phone number for the person they're trying to reach as I just received this number. They told me they'd take my number off the account. Then they called again. The guy on the phone this time told me that I'd lied - they looked up the number in the "national database" (no such thing moron) and it was still associated with their debtor. I told him to contact AT&T if he had a question about to whom the number belonged. He began cursing me out and telling me that it was *MY* problem and they would call everyday.

These people are idiots and they need a swift kick in the a$$ by the FCC, so I'm filing a complaint. And if that doesn't work, maybe a nice little class action lawsuit will set them straight.

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Send them a written cease and desist IN WRITING.

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