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Was just served a summons from Frederick Hanna on behalf of Midland Credit for $5024.76. I sent DV back in Nov. and only received a letter stating OC was HSBC, opened in 2004 and last payment July 2010. The summons I received today includes copies of Assignment and Bill of Sales from HSBC to The Bureaus and then from The Bureaus to Midland. They don't specifically show that my account was part of the bundle sold though. The case is filed in Ga. Magistrate Court so it is my understanding that I can't file for Discovery. Wondering if I could file Motion to Compel Arbitration? Account was opened in 2004. Or would I be better off to attempt settlement?

Doesnt really matter when the account was opened...the SOL starts at the from the date of first deliquency.

It is really up to you what you do and with whatever legal knowledge you have or are comfortable with Personally I would work on settling it asap.

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