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I have received a collection letter from this agency for a debt that was mine for over $4,000 which was mine (with First Equity) but ran into some financial difficulty and stopped making payments. I tried to work it out with First Equity early on, but it had already been sold to John C Bonewicz. I contacted them, told them that I could not pay and sent a verification of debt letter. They did not send me much more than the original letter with the name of the debt provider, account number and amount. I believe I sent them another letter saying as such and I never heard from them again. Now I am hearing from P Scott Lowery. I again sent a verification of debt letter and received back a letter that has a bit more information - same as above but also - date account opened and last payment amount information. I am not necessarily trying to get out of paying but am afraid to call them (for obvious reasons - it sounds like they are horrible from reading information on forums) and I don't think I can afford to pay the payments that they might let me make. (I could maybe do $50 per month and it sounds like they would want $200 plus.....). I just do not know what to do as my next move and so want to get this worked out and not be so worried about it anymore. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

got news for you.there is a diffrence between verification,and validation.basically both places verified that the debt exists,and you owe it.validation requires a little more info provided by the CA/ if you want them to validate then you need to send a debt validation letter.send it certified mail return receipt requested.

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