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I just received a call from a "court server". she was contacting me to let me know that I would be served by a Sheriff between 3 pm & 5 pm. she left a # for the "attorney's" office in case I would like to setup a different address other than my home or work where they can serve me. She also stated that failure to be available for the court server or Sheriff would result in a bench warrant and added fees. the # she left was 844-795-3420. I called & it is Professional Recovery Services. Spoke to Justin. He advised me that a court server was on their way to serve me with a subpeona but I could avoid that by working it out on the phone. He advised me that it was for a PDL from VIP Loan shop. I told him that first I needed to have proof in writing regarding the debt. He offered to email me. I told him that I wanted it mailed. He asked for my address & I told him that he should have it. He then became very rude & told me that even if he mails me the information I will still be served today & failure to be available will result in a bench warrant. I told him that as CA he should know better than to make threats. He said he wasn't a CA, they are an attorneys office. Why does the message on their phone say Professional Recovery Services. He said that it was PR & associates. I Said OK then as an attorneys office you should definitely know better. He really got mad then & told me that I didn't know what I was talking about. I bid him good day & hung up! I am in California & PDLs are not legal here. I paid VIP the principal & they must have sold the debt to these guys. right?

a total bottomfeeding scam.btw attorney's have to follow the law,and threatening arrest is against the you should file AG,AND FTC complaints against this bottomfeeder.btw i'm glad you didn't fall for this losers threats and lies.

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I received the same call that a "court processor" will be serving me with a summons between the hours of 3:00-5:00 today, and if I wanted to speak with their attorney, that individual could be reached at 844-795-3420. First of all, I have no idea who could be wanting to sue me. Second of all, I'm not going to even call the number, because if I'm getting a "summons" and it's "on the way", my calling this number isn't going to stop the inevitable from happening (if, in fact, it's going to happen). So, my guess is, no "summons" will be coming today, and I'm preparing myself to go home, for the evening, since my quitting time is 5:00! Lastly, I know that an attorney has to have a law license to practice law in any state, so an individual with a law license in Kansas CANNOT practice law in Oklahoma, unless they have passed the Oklahoma Bar Examination. Learn your civil rights, folks! Otherwise, you could be out of a whole bunch of money that this idiots aren't truly entitled to anyways!! I bid you farewell :-)

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