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Someone calling saying they are serving papers

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I am trying to recover from PDL hell, and low and behold me and about 3 of my family members are getting calls from someone by the name of Alexis Mills @ 844-261-1170 & 844-270-0399 threatening that they are coming to my job and home to serve papers for a court case # DA17257.. she says she is w/Fulton County, which is where I live in GA, and tells me that if I have questions call the plaint-ifs office .. this started Fri.. no papers.. called again today.. I picked up my desk phone and she starts talking to me as if I am who she wants me to be, so I ask her who is she looking for and I transfer her to some other line.. she calls back and as all her messages leaves my last 4 SS# on the voicemail, which should be illegal.. I need to track down who this is so that I can write a letter.. any advise?

real process servers never call in advance,or call other parties.a search of both numbers turns up nothing but posts just like yours on file a police report from your workas those calls are illegal as putting any part of your SS# is.then have everyone else calle file police reports as well.repeat every time this ex-hooker calls as that is just what she is.figures this is an easier way to make a dishonest and ignore.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks! I thought to file a police report, but against whom? I guess the name she provided.. Should I try to get the address and real name of this co? I don't know how to do this w/o them getting more info on me...

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ms.rqsmith ms.rqsmith

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all you need is that number and the bitches name.when you file just give some details like that she claims she is a process server.the police will confirm it's a scam as she would be arrested herself as it is illegal to misrepresent yourself.bottomline you need a co name just her name and the number.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I received a call and so did family members saying I was going to be served. I have no idea what this is about they have all my info ss and bank account. they are going to sue me for $1821.90. we are going to court they said because I committed fraud. What is this and how can I get them to stop harassing my family members.

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you and everyone else called needs to fill out a police reports as this is a scam that broke the law hand over fist.debts are civil matters and stating fraud infers you commited a crime which you didn't.file the reports and ignore future calls.have the others do the same.above all else know that are full of shit and the more you and anybody else talks to these losers will only get more calls.stop the cycle now!!!!!!!report and ignore.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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