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Hi all,

I received a letter from Millenium Financial. Original account was with Juniper Bank. I defaulted back in 07 and it was sent to LHR for collections. The orginial credit line was 1500, but by the time it got to LHR, it was a little over 3K (fees/interest). I paid LHR for several years, totaling about 3K. I missed a payment in Dec and the account was sold to Millenium. They want another 1500. They acknowledge in the letter that they now own the debt.

How should I handle the debt validation letter? Can they continue to pile on interest? I assume my date of default was Dec 13, since this was the last payment I made to LHR. I also plan to request no phone contact in the letter.

If I had 1500, I would pay it just to end this, but I don't have it.

Any advice moving forward is greatly appreciated.

once a debt is sold they cannot contniue to accrue interest unless you sign off on other words no they can' dispute the amount owed,and in fact you should have requested validation from LHR as again once a debt is sold they cannot continue to tack on interest without your consent and your signature.btw what was the balance when juniper sold it to LHR?again sounds like you more than paid this so dispute it,and don't pay until they validate not verify.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for the reply, well. LHR told me they were collecting for Juniper. The original CL was 1500 and it ballooned to a little over 3K when LHR began collections. I paid 3K to LHR (over a period of a few years). Now Millenium bought the debt.

I need to get a DV letter in the mail tomorrow or Wed. (I have unitl the 10th) I will send it Certified w/ return receipt. I was going to request that they communicate with me via mail, but I'm afraid they will sue me once I cut off phone contact, but on the other hand, collectors get me really upset on the phone and I don't want to screw things up.

What are they required to provide in a validation? Are they required to give me a complete accounting of what was paid to LHR?

Thank you so much for the feedback. It is truly appreciated.

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what they need to provide is valid reason you still owe after paying a bottomfeeder over 3,000.00 on a 1500.00 credit line,and where they have the right to charge interest when LHR had no right to.they must prove you owe this period end of story.if they do sue in response to a DV letter then you demand validation then,but don't think about that.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for the advice. Since LHR was collecting for Juniper, I thought that they could add interest as long as they didn't own the account.

Sorry for all the questions & thanks again for replying.

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alot of people don't know that,but unless you agree in writiing a debt buyer can't go by the same terms as the original creditor.meanig unless this bottomfeeder can prove you agreed you most likely owe fact i would go a step further and file an AG complaint against LHR.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Well, from what I understand LHR was just collecting on the debt - they didn't own it.

I put a DV together using some samples (I tweaked it a bit) Does this look OK?

I am responding to a letter I received from your office dated March 10. A copy is included with this letter.

Please note that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice as per the Fair Debt Collection practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b). The notice states that your claim is disputed and validation of the account is required.

This notice is not a request for verification of the account but a request for complete validation made pursuant to the FDCPA laws, including a breakdown of how the amount indicated on your letter was computed.

If your agency can provide me with the requested documents, I will review them and respond promptly.

I would also like to request that no calls should be made by your agency, including computer generated calls, to me or any third parties until we resolve this matter. All communications with me should be done in writing and sent to the address mentioned in this letter. I will respond promptly to any communication I receive.


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Letter looks good! Make sure you send to them - both mail and FAX would be my suggestion.

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