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Has anyone heard of the above collection agengy - 844-631-5002 - they advised that they are serving me papers on payday loans - however when I called they stated that they represent several - and could not tell me which one - I am scared and need some advise

nobody calls ahead to tell you they are serving you.the call broke the law,and a google search just shows more posts like your on 800notes.also the fact that they won't/can't even tell you the name o the lender puh-lease.they are a bottomfeeding pile of crap that is only serving you crap on a stick they hope you them to the police,and the ftc.then ignore them completely as again a scamming pile of and ignore.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I received another all today from a place called bayview - the guys name Johnathon Taylor advised that he was showing up and giving me papers - he is representing bayview and they cant give me an exact name of the company I am soooo sick of getting these calls - they even called my daughter - he called himself a legal complaince officer

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tb tb

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either don't answer the phone,or delete whatever messages come up.they are all bottomfeeding slime.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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