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Getting Harassing Calls from Rachael Collins

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Getting harassing call from a Rachael Collins. Claim I being charge with
Bank Fraud
for a payday loan I supposedly took out in 2006. She had my address of 2006. My email address, family and friend info, and SSN and bank info. I confirm that had lived at that address and that was my last 4 of SSN and that was my bank, however I didn't remember if I took out a loan or not. Claims she can get charges stop if I send MoneyGram to ERS in Florida. I told her I would, but instead spoke with Texas Consumer Trades Department and The Attorney General Consumer Fraud Protection Department, because it all sounded fishy. I mean the state of Texas is filing charges against me but if I pay a company in Florida $457 then I can stop the charges. The lady at AG said tell tale sign it a scam is Rachael Collins asking me to send a MoneyGram and telling me that the are going to suspended my license, but if I pay $457 they will send a email I need to carry in case I pulled over showing I paid in full and license is no longer suspended. Just wanting to get word out.

This story had bee reported on this and many other times over and over again...nothing new.

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Going to get away from payday loans. They are nothing but an open door to scammers and a never ending cycle of debt.

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