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My husband and I got out of the pay day mess in 2010. We paid off all of our pay day loans. I and my husband received a letter yesterday saying that we owed on a signature loan. The balances together were over 800 dollars. I have the receipt where I paid the pay day loans off and neither of us can remember ever having a signature loan with Cash Express. If we did, we would have paid it off the same day that we paid our checks off. My question is, this was in 2010 that I stopped all dealings with payday loan companies. Why in 2015 am I all of the sudden getting a letter stating that I owe them money. What should my next step be? I don't want to call them because I don't want them to think I am validating the debt because I really don't think it is ours. Should we leave it alone and wait for additional corresepondence.... should I send a letter requesting validation of the signature loan or should I call them and tell them I have the receipts to where I paid the pay day loans off. Are signature loans and pay day loans the same thing? Please Help!

I see from your post that got stuck in moderation - that is is Cash Express, LLC - from their website - here is what they offer in TN - What services are offered in Tennessee? "A: In a Tennessee Store, you may do a payday loan, cash a check, do a title loan, or a collateral loan". - did you ever do business with them? A collateral loan it shows they issue is like a registration loan here in AZ.. you basically are doing a signature loan.. I say we look into some more - I would never recommend calling them - you want all in writing.. If you would like you can send them a debt validation request in writing via CMRRR.

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We had payday loans but paid them off...I have those receipts..I just don't understand why they wait 5 years to send me a letter and say I owe them money. I don't think I did a signature loan and I can't find any receipt from them...We went in in June of 2010 and told them we wanted to pay it all off.....the letter just said I had 10 days to reply or they "could" choose to file a civil summons....I just don't know whether to even bother sending them anything....just confused...any more advice would be appreciated

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If you have no record of having a loan with them more than likely it is a scam.. If it makes you feel better send them a debt validation letter CMRRR - if they are legit they have to respond to that.. and if they don't I would send them a Cease and Desist next again CMRRR and be doen.. Could means the can - but you already know if you owe money to some one they can sue.. so that to me sounds like a scare sentence.. Who were your loans with - we can maybe look to see if they are associated in any way to the old.. The fact that it has been 5 years sounds like sold to some one - the weird thing is Cash Express is not a collector they are a lender.

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